Farmakis’ Christian Art Studio,

showing the greatest respect to the patterns of the old Byzantine craftsmen, follows the Byzantine Christian Art rules established over the centuries and maintains alive the Byzantine beauty , eleveting the designs , the colors and the figures’ expressiveness.

The founder of Farmakis’ Christian Art Studio is Vasilios Farmakis. He was born in Kranea Elassonas and he has three children. Being versed to the submission and devoutness of Macedonian and Cretan technique, he had studied for many years in Karies of Mount Athos close to his brother monk Theofilos, the hagiographer of the famous Christian Art studio of Pahomaion.

In turn, Vasilios Farmakis

passed his knowledge and secrets of Christian Art from Mount Athos, which he inherited from his brother monk Theofilo to his three children Theodoro, Alexandra and Ioanni Farmaki.

Farmakis’ Christian Art Studio is characterized by its deep artistic spirit which all the four members have cultivated for decades through daily occupation with spirituality, perfection and liveliness of Byzantine Christian Art. They have made plenty of fresco art and portable icons for Holy churches, Holy abbeys and private collections.


Prigkiponison 8 , Giannouli , 41500, Larisa, Greece

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